Conquest of the Sphere: Blast from the Past

While searching for some old drawings, I came across a stash of notebooks.  What did I find inside but the handwritten version of my very first Conquest of the Sphere story, the first story I wrote about Baal.  This was after I’d decided to bring together several disparate elements of my fiction under the umbrella idea of Conquest of the Sphere, and after I’d decided I liked Baal there more than in the post-Apocalyptic Earth she’d originally been created to battle.  It’s called The Nameless Temple (can you tell I’m a Lovecraft fan?).  This story went through a lot of revisions over time, but I remember it was fun to write.  Recently, as I’ve been mapping out a novel in which Baal will feature, I’ve realized that elements of this story are going to become part of the novel.  I’ll almost certainly be writing it all from scratch, but it was a fun little find, anyway.



I think this is from maybe 15 years ago.  My handwriting has not improved.

This is about the time I first tried to use Conquest of the Sphere as a RPG setting, but I still didn’t have nearly a solid enough handle on it to make things good for my players.  Sorry, players.

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