A Few Days in Puerto Rico

Part of the wall that surrounds much of Old San Juan.

A couple weeks back, my amazing partner and I hopped on an airplane and headed down to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Neither of us had been there before and we didn’t really know what to expect.  What we found was an unexpected mix of the familiar and the new.  Plenty of typically American companies, lots of Art Deco architecture, hotels like you can’t believe, and a wonderfully European old city.  Old San Juan had dashes of France and Spain, with a splash of African and indigenous flare.  The food was excellent, the people were friendly, and the place was rich with history.  Travelers on a budget should know that the prices can be a bit high, but not unreasonably so.  If you’re used to living in a city, they’re nothing too out of the ordinary.

We had three days and two nights to spend there, and we packed it with plenty of fun stuff.  A tour of the Bacardi factory, a visit to the fortress El Morro, and an excellent food tour with Shannon from Flavors of San Juan.  We also went out into the country and visited a bio-luminescent bay.  That was…an experience.  Maybe I’ll tell you about it over a glass of rum punch, someday.  Believe me, elements of that will be making into my fiction writing.

I thought I’d share a few photos from our visit to San Juan.  Later, I’ll go into our trip through the South East of the Caribbean on a Norwegian cruise ship.

Waves rolling in to the beach behind our hotel.
Taken in the old town square in Old San Juan.
Plenty of Old World charm in the architecture.
Taken at the El Morro. The water is really that blue. It’s freaky.
Our tour was fun, and the rum was tasty.

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