Free Comic Book Day 2017

Free Comic Book Day

One of my holidays, Free Comic Book Day happened, as it always does, on the first Saturday of May.  I got time off from work, and my friend Ben and I headed out early in the morning.  We went to Victory Comics in Falls Church, Big Planet in Vienna, and The Amazing Comic Shop in Fairfax.  As I always do, and as is very important for this holiday, I not only picked up some free comics, I bought something.

As always, I picked up more than I’m going to have time/inclination to read tonight.  But I thought I’d talk about some of it.  As far as the purchases, I just got the next volume of several series I like. Volume 3 of “Velvet” and “The Fade-Out,” and volume 6 of “East of West.”  I’ve fallen behind in all three, but am hoping to change that soon.

I read “Malika: Warrior Queen” by Roye Okupe, from Youneek Studios.  The art is fine, and there’s enough to leave me curious where it’ll go.  Generally, it’s not my thing.  Sort of a Historic Fantasy.  But it could be interesting to see where it goes.

Then I read the “Wonder Woman Rebirth” issue.  It’s yet another retelling of Steve’s landing on the island and meeting Diana.  Like Bruce’s folks getting killed and Clark getting tossed in a rocket, I just don’t care. Origin stories are best left to flashbacks and vague references.

After that, it was “Kid Savage” from Image. The art is much more cartoony than I like, but the story of space explorers coming across a lone, feral cave-boy has potential.  I may grab the graphic novel at some point.

Lion Forge, who I’ve never heard of, put out “Catalyst Prime,” which feels a bit like a disaster film version of the Fantastic 4 origin story.  But I have to admit, the ending of the issue made me stand up and take note.  I’m curious what this is all about.  Not sure if I’m curious enough…

“Steam Wars” postulates a very anime-style WWII-like retro-future setting.  Airships and prop planes battle in a major war between two powers.  A mysterious pilot with an equally mysterious plane, a couple of kids, a brash and haughty lady pilot…it’s all very anime. Still, there’s potential in this.

I ended up skimming “Tex: Patagonia.”  I like the Euro-art, but the wall of text dialog was bloated, and the Spaghetti Western vibe just didn’t capture my imagination.

The buff Picard issue of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is…I don’t know.  OK, I guess.  I always enjoyed Star Trek’s various alternate timelines, including the Mirror Universe.  But, I don’t know.  There’s something a bit goofy about this.  There are some ultra-brief previews of other Trek comics, too.  None of them look particularly good.


I think the cold, rainy weather kept the crowds down, but it was good to see a lot of folks out to support their local shops.  Hopefully they were actually spending.  And they did seem to be.  Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG Day, and some of these other events that strive to bring folks into local businesses and fringe hobbies are great.  Spread the love.

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