Comic Review: Xenozoic

Xenozoic cover-by-Mark-Schultz

I cut my teeth on Edgar Rice Burroughs and a bunch of pulp adventure novels.  Post apocalyptic futures, dinosaurs, mutants, ruined cities, swamps, underground worlds…Oh, yeah.  This is my bread and butter.  Mark Schultz taps into the mother load here.  With “Xenozoic” (aka: “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs”) he’s created a world of strong jawed men, adventurous women, fast cars, and did I mention…dinosaurs?!

Schultz’s art looks like something out of Al Williamson, Wally Wood, Russ Manning, or Alex Raymond.  The panel work is strong and clear.  His images of jungles, flooded cities, swamps, and caves are evocative.  The characters look like they stepped out of 30s comic strips or 50s book covers.  Love it.

The story is packed with weird.  Two cities of survivors, trying to make it in a world overrun by prehistoric life.  The beautiful emissary of one city goes head to head with the handsome tech-shaman of the other.  Can they bridge the gap between their two cities, or are their differences too powerful?

I enjoyed the heck out of this book.  It’s great for fans of The Rocketeer or Tom Strong, or some of the other retro-inspired comics.  Or if you like Tarzan or Flash Gordon.  I find myself hungry for more.  There’s much more world and much more story.

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