Comic Review: Journey

Journey cover

Goofy, biting, dark, and incredibly sad.  William Messner-Loeb’s extremely unusual comic about frontiersman Wolverine MacAlistaire and the wilds of early America is really something.

If you’re interested in the age of the Mountain Men, in the conflict between settlers and Native Americans, or in pioneer stories…if you’re simply interested in a good yarn…you should definitely give this a read.  It really isn’t like anything else I’ve read. The closest thing I can think of would be something like Mark Twain. Sometimes, it feels like you’re reading an old comic strip from the 50s, where you kinda get the jokes, but know it’s referencing something you don’t quite understand.  Other times, it reminds me of listening to old-timey radio shows like Gunsmoke, where there’s a cast of memorable regulars who wander on and off stage.

Of course, Wolverine MacAlistaire ain’t no hero.  Not really. He’s just a guy who’s been living in the world for a long, long time.  Maybe he’s mad. Maybe he’s wise. Maybe he’ll leave you for dead and take your stuff.  Maybe he’ll give you a hand. He’s like the weather, unpredictable.

Comic readers owe it to themselves to read this.  If you’re not normally into comics, this is a good example of what the medium can do that might surprise you.  Good stories are good stories, and this is definitely a good story.


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