A Walk Along the C&O Canal

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A couple weeks back I took a walk along the Georgetown part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.  They’ve been working on some renovations for the last year or two, and have shut down that end to water.  However, we’ve had an extremely wet Spring and Summer, so the canal beds have been pretty wet, and have filled with a good deal of vegetation.

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It’s always a nice walk along the canal, and you’re never too far from the main drag of Georgetown’s shopping area.  Plenty of restaurants and such. Yet the path is far, far more walker friendly than the overcrowded M Street.


When I got close to the Key Bridge, I headed up to M Street and across the bridge to Rosslyn, VA to get on the Metro.  Rosslyn has become a favorite spot of mine over the years. It’s where my wife and I reconnected. It’s where, sitting in front of a Starbucks while a date was winding down, I realized I had become quite smitten, and that she was the woman for me.  And it ultimately ended up being where our wedding venue was. It’s a nice town to walk around in…though not great for driving.


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