Kadima: Khan

Temple of Sibyl
Art by Charles-Louis Clerisseau

Thought I’d share a brief short I sketched down a while back.  I posted it originally on Patreon.  Kadima won’t be appearing in my upcoming Conquest of the Sphere novel, but he’s definitely a major player in the world, and an important part of Baal’s past.  If you want to learn more about the world, check out Conquest of the Sphere: Four Tales.

Kadima heard the sound of them, like the rolling thunder of the ocean, crashing upon the shore.  As he neared the ornate door leading to the balcony above Kakhir Square could he make out the word.  His name, shouted again and again. Not for his head, as the crowd gathered around the Library of Anihawk had screamed a short ten years ago.  This time, his name was a cheer, a battle cry.

Silk clad servants pushed the doors open and he stepped out into the crisp morning air.  Below, Una of a dozen fiefdoms and lesser city states, countless tribes and families, bedecked in colorful finery, looked up at him and let forth such a yell Kadima could see the window frames rattle.

He raised his hands and silence fell upon the square.  Minutes later, speech finished, he turned on his heel and returned to the palace interior.  The ocean thunder returned.

A courtier, Ellis was his name, rushed to Kadima’s side, tears in his eyes.  “Beautiful, my lord. Beautiful.”

Kadima smiled, waving Ellis away.  He needed a drink and a quiet room.  And a good book.

They said his empire numbered in the millions, new member states joining by the week.  His messengers now from from the Black Sea in the north to the Smoky Mountains in the south; from the Pamathis in the east to the River Ulin in the west.  And there was no shortage of spies reporting from beyond even these borders.

Not bad for an orphan from the slums of Tranth.  He took a long pull of wine and smiled to himself.  Still so much to do.


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