Book Review: Underground

Underground cover

A childhood obsession with an old, disused train tunnel that went under his house was the seed of an obsession that would take over Will Hunt as an adult.  This book chronicles his investigation of that obsession with the underground and our relationship with it. Beginning with some obvious things like subway tunnels, but eventually taking us to caves and mines and sacred paths across unforgiving landscapes, even into the roots of life on Earth and the shadows of revealed wisdom and mysticism.

Hunt introduces us to a wonderful rogues gallery of strange and interesting people along the way.  Urban explorers, a Parisian pioneer photographer, a French aristocrat, an Aboriginal Australian with old secrets, and more.  Hunt gains access to strange places, deep inside the Earth. He learns, explores, and has epiphanies. And he’s nice enough to tell us about it, so we don’t have to go there ourselves.

There are a lot of interesting stories and thought provoking ideas.  The book is very readable and very enjoyable. For most of the book, Hunt does a pretty good job of looking at the mystical from an objective point, though in the conclusion, he dips a bit too deep into the woo.  

I strongly recommend this book.  I think there’s plenty hear for almost any reader.  Plenty of ideas to explore for writers of fiction, that’s for sure.  Check it out.

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