Book Review: The Jester at Scar

Dumarest Jester of Scar cover

The fifth book in E.C. Tubb’s Dumarest of Terra series finds our hero hunting dangerous but valuable mushrooms on an extreme planet infested with wild and mutating fungus.  Add to the mix a couple of clashing newlywed royals, their Cyclan ‘assistant,’ and a whole bunch of unsavory and desperate folks trying to get theirs and get out, and you’ve got a steaming pressure cooker of trouble.

The Dumarest books don’t mess around.  You’re on the ground and running within the first couple pages.  Tubb kept these books lean, yet manages to pack in interesting characters, lots of universe-building, plenty of twists and turns, and a good deal of action.  This is Pulp Science Fiction at its best. It could probably be compared to the Mack Bolan or Remo Williams novels, but I’d argue these are better written and less sleazy.  They’re fast and exciting reads without being trashy.

In this Golden Age of television that we’re living through, I could definitely see this series working. 10 episode seasons, each book split into two episodes (kinda like how NetFlix did A Series of Unfortunate Events).  Six seasons and done.  It could work.

If you’re a Science Fiction fan and are in the mood for some action packed adventure stories, definitely give these books a try.  I can’t wait to see what happens next. Books 6 and 7 are loaded on my e-reader, so I’m ready for my next trip.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Jester at Scar

  1. I’ve read the whole series and your mention of it makes me want to read it again. As you said, the books are lean & mean. 6-8 pages of boiler plate for those who came in late and then a lesson in world building that would charm any role-playing group. 3D characters and a tight plot with some continuous running sub-plots. Pulp fiction at its best. Fast, fun and entertaining.

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