Tabletop RPG Review: The Fence’s Fortuitous Folly

Fence's Fortuitous Folly cover

An adventure for second level characters, this one has some potential, but also some pitfalls.  It starts with a chase and ends up in an underground lair of an undead madman. There’s not a lot to it all, but I think it could be worked into an ongoing game pretty well.

Things begin in the pawnshop of Rooga the Fence who is set up as a good recurring character.  He would definitely be a good character to work into a longer game. His pawnshop would be a good place to unload treasures or to plant story seeds.

I think the chase sequence that begins at the pawnshop could be a lot of fun if run correctly and everyone was in the right spirit.  However, knowing my own style and tastes, I’d likely cut it, having Rooga’s man come back with some info or hint as to where the rogue artifacts disappear to.  There could then be some investigating of the ‘empty’ lot before uncovering what’s below.

It’s another adventure that could end up giving the PCs some interesting story hooks for the future.  There are also connections to the rats of Lankhmar Below, so if they’re a part of your ongoing game, it may be worth taking note so they can be used properly.

Other than the specific stats of the various foes, I’m not sure what makes this one a second level adventure.  It really doesn’t seem especially challenging, so if your Lankhmar game is more ‘sandbox’ or open world, and your PCs stumble across it early, dropping some hit points on antagonists shouldn’t be difficult.

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