Comic Review: Bone: Eyes of the Storm

Bone Eyes of the Storm

Dreams become important in this volume.  Thorn has a dream vision that leaves her disturbed, while Bone imagines himself in his favorite book, Moby Dick.  Are these dreams signs of bigger issues on their way?  Of course.

Phoney, Smiley, and Lucius get up to a bunch of comic misadventures while Fone pines for Thorn.  All that is going on while in the background, the forces of evil are on the move.

Except for the dream sequences, this volume feels less experimental in its use of art.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s maybe a bit safe.

This volume definitely has some more build-up for the overall narrative, but feels a bit like filler.  The most interesting thing is also kinda the most frustrating. Gran’ma Ben does that thing that annoys me in chosen-one stories.  She knows important things are happening and that one of the characters is in major trouble, but she refuses to explain things. It’s a common trope and it’s frustrating.  Not telling someone the truth when it’s clear they are going to pursue it is self-defeating.

So, it’s a good chapter in the story, but it doesn’t really stand out.


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