Comic Review: Bone: Ghost Circles

Bone Ghost Circles cover

There’s no more time to dilly dally.  The action is heating up and the characters are on the move.  Ghost Circles finds our heroes on a journey across a blasted landscape, avoiding invisible bubbles of another reality.  OK.

Jeff Smith does some interesting stuff, visually, in this volume.  The scenes of Bone and friends trudging through an ash covered landscape are beautiful in their desolation.

Phoney Bone continues to be a thorn in the side of my enjoyment.  He’s so relentlessly annoying that I have a hard time whenever he’s given much ‘screen time.’  He’s a character that I really don’t see ever being ‘redeemed.’  I don’t even mean an in-world redemption.  I mean in a meta way.  He’s so egregiously annoying, I don’t see how he can be justified from a writing standpoint.  We’ll see.

As the action mounts, the story builds to its conclusion, and various truths are revealed, the series is definitely getting more interesting.  It’s been a bumpy road to get to this 7th volume.  There’s only two more, and it definitely feels like the story is building to something big.


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