Comic Review: Bone: Treasure Hunters

Bone Treasure Hunters cover

It’s the next to last volume, yet so much of it is spent on Phoney Bone being exactly the same character he’s been since the first volume.  Not only is he extremely annoying to read, but he hasn’t changed at all.  He hasn’t grown as a character.  There’s been no depth added.  He’s just an annoying, self-involved, greedy jerk…exactly as he always has been.  I don’t know that I would love this series as much as everyone else seems to if Phoney wasn’t in it.  But I sure wouldn’t dislike it as much.

There’s cool stuff.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is a fair Fantasy story happening.  There’s just not enough of it.  The city they’ve arrived at has lots going on.  There’s local politics to deal with.  The forces of evil are definitely moving.  There’s a lot going on.  Yet, so much time is devoted to a character that is aggressively obnoxious, not just for the other characters, but for the reader.

A new location and some new factions are introduced, but we don’t learn much about them…because so much space is taken up with a blah character.  I really wanted to like this series.  I really thought I would.  But volume 8 of 9 and we’re still dealing with Phoney doing the same stupid, one-note crap?  Ugh.


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