Tabletop RPG Review: DCC Quick Start 2019

I reviewed the Free RPG Day Quick Start rules for Dungeon Crawl Classics from 2020 already.  This edition from 2019 contains all the usual stuff you can get in the free version on Goodman Games’s site, with the addition of the adventure Geas of the Star-Chons. Ostensibly for four to six 1st level characters.  I honestly don’t see how it wouldn’t result in a total party kill (TPK) every time. There are two different critters that by themselves seem likely to do a TPK.  The rest of the encounters combined would likely kill off 4 to 6 characters. I’ve now played through this as a solo game, where my characters managed to skip about a third of the encounters and still nearly all died. And I’ve run it for eight 1st level characters (joined part way through by four 0 level characters). Even after toning down a few encounters, many characters were lost. Facing the titular Star-Chon as written seems almost certain to kill everyone. So, I halved its hitpoints and lowered its AC from 16 to 12 (yeah, that much) and it was still touch & go for the party.

Anyway, DCC  is a super fun game and the other scenario, The Portal Under the Stars is a great intro. I just think Geas of the Star-Chons needs work for 1st level characters if you want any of them to survive.  DCC has such a DIY vibe that modifying things seems like part of the game.

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