Book Review: Kothar of the Magic Sword

Not quite done with Gardner F. Fox, I figured I’d give this book a reread.  Turns out this is actually the second Kothar book, but alas I didn’t realize until after I started reading it.  I don’t think it really matters, however.  Kothar is another Conan wannabe.  He’s big.  He kills lots of people.  Women all want him.  He’s good at everything.  At least Kothar has marginally more personality than Kyrik.

Fox’s Fantasy novels feel a bit like Mack Bolan or Remo Williams novels, but seen through a Conan pastiche lens.  They’re packed with what a 13 year old boy thinks is “adult.”  Lots of descriptions of breasts and ladies taking their clothes off.

There are actually two novellas in this book.  The Helix from Beyond involves Kothar getting transported into a magical realm while on the hunt for a special artifact.  A Plague of Demons has Kothar teaming up with his hated enemy Red Lori as they get mixed up with demons and ancient ruins.

I don’t know.  The book is entertaining, I guess.  But there’s really not much to it.  While I was reading, I kept thinking about how I need to go back and read some Robert E. Howard or some other, better writers.  Fox writes entertaining fluff, but I’m guessing when I read the other Kothar book I’ve got on my shelf, I’ll probably be done with him unless something comes along that someone convinces me will be worth my time. 

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One thought on “Book Review: Kothar of the Magic Sword

  1. Fox’s historical swashbucklers like THE BORGIA BLADE or THE BASTARD OF ORLEANS are MUCH better, right up there with/just below Sabatini and Dumas, IMO. He just phoned in his fantasy stuff, despite being a big fan of Howard and Merritt. Jakes is much the same in that regard.

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