Book Review: Technos

The seventh book in E.C. Tubb’s Science Fiction/Adventure series Dumarest of Terra, Technos is another exciting and quick read.  On the one hand, there’s not a lot to these novels, yet on the other, the stories exist in a complex-seeming universe and hint at many, varied, and wide-ranging goings on.

Like several of the previous books, you won’t know from the opening chapter where the adventure will take Dumarest.  He begins on one world, trying to do a job so he can get some information in his ongoing quest to find Earth, the planet of his birth, considered by most to be nothing more than a myth.  He gets involved in some local politics, finds out about what equates to a war crime being committed against this planet, then ends up sneaking into a transport to that aggressor world.  And that’s just how things get started.

I frequently find myself thinking about how the Dumarest stories would make for a really kick-ass TV/streaming series if done right.  However, like the Conan stories, which I also would love to see done well as a series, they don’t really feature a recurring cast outside of the protagonist, and shows normally contract multiple actors to be regular or ‘features’ players.  Still, the stores have a great vibe, and thanks to the books being very short and semi-episodic, they feel a bit like an ongoing TV series.

Because this series is out in its entirety and Tubb is dead, there’s really no reason to start anywhere but at the beginning.  However, I could see this book working as a good starting point for a new reader.  Likely when they were originally being published, this would have functioned as a good spot to onboard.  It lays out the concept, gives you a solid portrait of Dumarest and introduces the overall series antagonists, the Cyclan.

Science Fiction fans will find plenty to enjoy in this series, so definitely give it a look.

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