Book Review: S. Petersen’s Field Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos

I absolutely love Tom Sullivan’s artwork in this.  Many of the images are the images that live in my head for these creatures.  I’ve flipped through these pages countless times over the years, but I realized I’d never actually read the book.  Now I have.

You will not find any creature rules or statistics in here.  It’s written as though it’s an in-world book for Call of Cthulhu, specifically for Cthulhu Now (for the 1990s). However, the physical book itself is very much not.  It’s like an expensive magazine.  Compared to other books for Call of Cthulhu, it’s over sized, but it’s also softcover, but the cover is like a stiff cardstock that just makes it hard to open without creasing the material and permanently damaging it.  Add to that glue that hasn’t stood the test of time and this is really not a good product.

I wish they leaned much, much harder into the idea of it being an in-world text, not to mention one for the default 1920s setting.  I really wish it was a hardcover.  The art is great, though. 

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