Comic Review: The Rise of Aurora West

Rise of Aurora West

From the pages of Battling Boy comes Aurora West.  In a world turned upside down by roving, kidnapping monsters, heroes must rise.  Haggard West and his daughter Aurora are such heroes, doing their part to thwart the monstrous menace.  This has a very Batman vibe, but dips into other old Pulp Adventure heroes, too.

The alternate world created by Paul Pope is definitely interesting, and I like that he’s expanded it, here (with the help of co-writer J.T. Petty and artist David Rubin).  There’s some kind of weird mystery involving an ancient evil and the death of Aurora’s mother which this book builds, but does not resolve.  So, I’m going to have to read The Fall of the House of West.

This isn’t genius.  It’s not going to change the way you look at comics, or your life.  But it’s a good read.  So check it out.

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