Comic Review: Trekker Omnibus

Trekker cover

There’s a certain type of Science Fiction that I enjoy, but have a hard time quite categorizing.  I sometimes call it by what may seem like a derogatory term, but I don’t mean it that way. Generic Science Fiction.  It’s not to say that the stories, characters, or even world building are bland or uninteresting, or even cookie-cutter.  Yet, I can’t think of a better term. Trekker fits in this kind of general, ‘generic’ Science Fiction.  It’s the future. There are spaceships, and aliens, and weird technology, and mutants, and all that.  Yet, unlike something like Star Wars, the setting isn’t the star…if that makes sense. It’s the stage, not the play.

The series is about Mercy St. Clari, a tough bounty hunter with all kinds of trouble in her past and her present.  She lives in a nasty city that comes right out of the pages of 2000AD.  If Judge Dredd came walking by, he would not look out of place.  Over the course of this volume, she has to face love and loss, inner demons, dangerous criminals, and impotent authorities.

Ron Randall does what few can.  He writes and illustrates good stories.  And, as the collection moves along, he explores some interesting issues, while creating a fun cast of characters and well realized locations.  It is a collection of shorts and limited stories, but each one builds upon the previous stories. Some are in color, most are black & white.

If you like stuff like 2000AD comics, the Forerunner books of Andre Norton, or tabletop role-playing games like Traveller, this is a comic you should enjoy.  Since the publication of this volume, Randall has returned to the character with some longer stories.  I can’t wait to read them.


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2 thoughts on “Comic Review: Trekker Omnibus

  1. Sounds really cool! I really love it when science fiction just goes and does science fiction stuff without trying to take itself too seriously. Does that make it generic science fiction? I don’t know, but I like it anyway.

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    1. Agreed. I mean, I certainly enjoy when an author does a deep dive into a very specific setting, like a Dune or Neuromancer. But sometimes, it’s refreshing to just read Science Fiction; not Military Sci-Fi, or Epic Sci-Fi, or Hard Sci-Fi, etc.

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