Comic Review: Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 7

Invincible 7

Oh, my.  Robert Kirkman puts us through the wringer, again. The war with the Viltrumite empire comes to its crescendo.  Alan kinda grows up. Eve goes through some stuff. And Dinosaurus. Oh, boy. Dinosaurus.

Volume 7 (check out my reviews of Volumes 1-6)of the series feels a bit like a transition point.  One major arc reaches its end, Mark grows as a person, and the stage is being set for what is to come.  I’m extremely curious where Mark will go in the future, as he’s come to a conclusion I often reach when reading these kinds of stories.  But it’s a conclusion rarely embraced by the hero. We’ll see.

As usual, Ryan Ottley’s art just keeps getting better.  He’s able to really cut loose with the cosmic stuff, this time around.  All the stuff with the Viltrumites is great. So. Much. Gore. The colorists also get a lot of chance to shine.  Visually, Invincible is still in that wonderfully colorful Silver Age style, though the content (and definitely the writing) sometimes transcends what would have been acceptable under the Comics Code.

I can not recommend this series enough.  This isn’t where you’ll want to start, but you’ll want to get here, for sure.  And while the story is clearly shifting in a new direction, Kirkman continues to do his usual, running weird subplots in the background.  There are always a dozen things going on, even if you sometimes don’t see new developments for a volume or two.

Great stuff.

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