Comic Review: Yohance issue 2

Yohance issue 2

The adventures of the thief Yohance continue in the second issue of this AfroFuturist Space Opera comic, and it’s a lot of fun (first issue review here).  There’s plenty of action and adventure for fans of the genre. I got a chuckle out of the opening “Star Wars” gag, too.

In this issue, we learn a bit about the greater universe, who Yohance is going to be up against, and what the object he’s stolen really is.  He also gains an ally, who he’s no doubt going to need in the coming conflict.

The pieces are coming together, and author/artist Paul Louise-Julie has created an enjoyable, and fantastically colorful universe.  But as this is a single issue, there’s only so much story that can be packed in. I’ll be extra glad when there’s enough of this series to produce a trade (fingers crossed) that I can put on my bookshelf.  And of course, I’m excited about the animated movie in the works.

This is good stuff.  Can’t wait for more.


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