Comic Review: Byala issue 1

Byala cover

Set in the same African inspired Space Opera universe as Yohance, this comic introduces us to Byala, a dissatisfied soldier stuck on patrols.  She feels driven to play a more active role in an ongoing conflict that threatens her world, but her lover and her friend both think she’s crazy.

Something big is closing in on her, and conflict is imminent.  But then the issue ends. It’s short and leaves the reader wanting more.  

The art is beautiful and intensely colorful in a way I’ve come to expect from Paul Louise-Julie.  And I really like that he’s taking a look at a very different part of this universe he’s building.  I don’t really know what Byala’s deal is, but she’s nothing like Yohance, for sure.

Reading Yohance and Byala, I’m reminded once again how much I’m not really a fan of individual, monthly (quarterly, yearly, whatever) comics.  I much prefer trades, because typically, even if it’s not a complete story, a trade gives you enough in one go to leave you feeling momentarily satisfied.  Individual issues are like eating an appetizer, then getting up and leaving the restaurant. Still, it was fun, and I’m hungry for more.


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