Book Review: Kalin

Kalin e.c. tubb

Dumarest is back.  After rescuing a beautiful redhead with mysterious powers, things go from bad to worse…to worse still.  Marooned on a really, really awful planet with a power structure set against the have-nots, he makes some desperate choices to find the money to book passage away.

E.C. Tubb gets a bit more complicated with this Kalin.  There have been mentions of the Church of Universal Brotherhood before, but this time there are a bunch of cut-away sequences featuring them.  The plot is straight-forward, but the behind the scenes stuff is super convoluted. The villainous Cyclan are involved, of course.

I know there’s been talk of a TV/streaming series based on the books.  Considering some of the other Science Fiction shows that have come out recently, I think it could be done and done well.  Will it happen? Will it be good? That remains to be seen, but the potential is definitely there.

The Dumarest novels are a ton of fun, and worth tracking down for fans of the genre.

I read this as part of the collection Dumarest of Terra Omnibus 1, which sadly did not get an Omnibus 2.


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