Tabletop RPG Review: The Star Wound of Abaddon

DCC Star Wound of Abaddon cover

Dungeon Crawl Classics dips into just the right part of the old school Fantasy pool for me.  As I said in my review of the basic book, it’s like someone set about making D&D fun.  The Star Wound of Abaddon mixes a nice amount of Cosmic Horror in with the pulpy Fantasy.

This adventure should be very easy to drop into an already existent game.  It takes place in something of a closed off realm. It also contains several potential seeds for future stories.  This scenario will be especially difficult for Wizards and Priests.

As with the other Dungeon Crawl Classics books I’ve seen, the art is extremely evocative, and captures that 70s style the game goes for.  This includes several cool maps.

I’ve had a chance to play DCC finally, and it was a ton of fun.  This scenario seems like it would be a blast, though very challenging.


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