Book Review: The Complete Carnacki, The Ghost Finder

Carnacki cover

At the turn of the 20th Century, the world was a dark and mysterious place.  Hither came Thomas Carnacki, Occult Detective. William Hope Hodgson crafted a character in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes, but with a sometimes supernatural twist.  Carnacki uses ancient books and cutting edge technology to fight the forces from beyond (and the occasional Scooby-Doo villain).

This book contains nine tales of the detective, each told to the author and a few friends in the home of the man himself.  Some deal with honest to goodness supernatural elements, while a few turn out to have more down to Earth explanations (at least one has a mix of the two).

The House Among the Laurels and The Whistling Room were probably my two favorites, though The Horse of the Invisible has some really cool imagery.  The Haunted Jarvee is probably the most typically Hodgson, with its nautical setting and slightly Gothic mood.

If you enjoy turn of the 20th century Horror/Mystery stories, you should definitely check these out.  I’ll be raiding them for some tabletop RPG scenario ideas, for sure.


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