Tabletop RPG Review: Masks of Lankhmar

Masks of Lankhmar cover

This adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar is made to work as a ‘meet’ if it’s needed, or simply as an adventure for first level characters.  It’s a fairly simple set-up, gives the PCs a chance to flex various muscles (not just combat), and can produce both ongoing allies and enemies.

The basic idea is that the PCs have gotten word of a major score and they’ve all ended up breaking into a swank party at the same time.  Finding themselves forced to work together, they can use their various specialties to win the day. Party over, they can investigate things further which will lead them to an even more dangerous situation with even more impressive rewards.

The location of the last act could become an important spot for the PCs, depending how things go.  I could see them taking over the Temple Tenement and using it as a base, if things don’t go too poorly.  If they push out the Spider Kings, they could step in and take control. If they don’t, some other gang certainly will.  How will that new game feel about the PCs?

I do think the final act needs a bit of work and preparation.  As it stands, it seems like there’s only two ways for things to play out.  The items the PCs are after slip through their fingers or they’re destroyed.  It seems like the adventure is written with the possibility of the PCs acquiring the objects and profiting from that acquisition, but I honestly don’t know how they’d accomplish it.  So I figure if I run this, I’m going to provide the tools to succeed and the opportunity to find and use them. Some kind of magic box or bag, a special spell, a whistle or flute or something that will allow them to call the items.  I’m not sure. But something. That doesn’t mean they’ll succeed, but as written, I don’t know how it could be done. Maybe I missed something. 

This one could turn deadly if players aren’t careful, but if they’re smart, pay attention and luck is with them, there are some good rewards and potential for further stories and complications.


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