Tabletop RPG Review: Autopsy

I’d like to thank G.A. Patrick for sending me a review PDF of this scenario.

Written by G.A. Patrick for Miskatonic Repository, Autopsy: A Tale Concerning the Language of Death is certainly an interesting scenario for Call of Cthulhu, potentially a very upsetting one.  My review will definitely involve some spoilers, so potential players beware.  If you’re curious about conspiracies and cannibalism on a college campus, contact your Keeper and tell them about this.

As a one-shot, this has the potential to go into some very, very dark places.  The general premise is that a New England college campus is hiding a cult of Ghouls with some pretty twisted plans for the future.  The players take on the roles of new students stepping into a deadly world.

I could definitely see this as a campaign opener, especially if it were used to flesh out the background of an Investigator or perhaps an exploration of how two Investigators first met.  It could, however, foreshadow some deep darkness for a character, if they don’t come away from these events clean.

This scenario gives you a setting and a bunch of NPCs, threats, story seeds, and possible ways for the Investigators to go.  What they actually do could vary wildly, and the Keeper will simply have to roll with it.  There is advice throughout on how things might play out or where clues might lead.

I think there’s a lot of potential here, and I like that it has a real focus.  This is a story about Call of Cthulhu Ghouls.  No need to bring in the Great Old Ones, Deep Ones, or some other random faction.  There’s plenty to do in facing off against this one deadly threat.  This does have some themes and potential paths that could be very upsetting for some, so you should definitely be aware of your group, and their tolerance for certain things.  You may even wish to broach a few vague ideas to them to make sure they’re OK with where things could go.  The horror in this one could get really, really gross.

If you want to buy the PDF of Autopsy, you can go to DriveThruRPG.

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One thought on “Tabletop RPG Review: Autopsy

  1. Sounds interesting, and reminds me of an episode of Tales from the Crypt, that put ghouls to good, somewhat darkly humored fun. I do like the idea of it being focused, and not all “everything Mythos and the kitchen sink”. Too many try to cram as much Mythos as they can into some scenarios, and if you’ve got one good villain/threat, you don’t need to mix things up so much. Definitely would like to see more scenarios follow this approach.

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