Book Review: 111 Places in Women’s History (in Washington, DC) that You Must Not Miss

Full disclosure, my wife co-authored this book, so I can’t claim to be impartial.

Washington, DC is my adopted home city.  I moved to the area more than a decade ago and it’s hard to imagine living somewhere else.  For obvious reasons, it’s a city deeply woven into the fabric of United States History.  But there are less obvious reasons it’s important, fascinating, and always worth exploring.  Kaitlin Calogera and Rebecca Grawl of A Tour of Her Own have created a guide book (associate link) of great value.  All too often women, no matter how important their role, are forgotten or purposefully left out of the records.  This book is a step in redressing that omission.

From the wealthy to the humble, from socialite to enslaved, from the early days of this nation right up to today, the book explores many faces of this great city.  Each of the 111 locations is explored in a page of text followed by a photo, usually by photographer Cynthia Schiavetto Staliunas.  There is often history as well as some context for the various sites, how they connect to the population and to the greater story of this nation.  There are instructions for how to find each location as well as a bonus ‘hint’ of somewhere else to visit or something else to view.

Thanks to this book, I’ve discovered a whole bunch of places I haven’t yet visited that I absolutely will.  La Cosecha, Cafe Mozart, and Beau Thai are just a few places I’m going to have to grab a bite to eat.  Folks don’t often mention DC in their lists of food destinations, but they should.  It’s a city with a lot of good eating, and seemingly no end of new places to try.

For locals and visitors alike, this book will serve as a fantastic resource for seeing parts of the city that don’t show up in a lot of the other guide books out there.

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