Tabletop RPG Review: The Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2020

I’m not sure what I can add that I haven’t already said about previous volumes of The Gongfarmer’s Almanac.  If you’re into Dungeon Crawl Classics, as either a player or a judge, there’s a lot of fun stuff in here.  Certainly, these are aimed more at judges, especially with their great number of adventures.  But there’s something for everyone.

2020’s collection is a beast at just shy of 800 pages.  As always, you can get the PDF free, but it’s only available in hardcover as a print on demand.  As of my writing this review, it’s the last volume published.  I know there were some issues with finishing the 2021 edition, though I believe it’s still being worked on.  I don’t know what the future of the project looks like, or if it will continue, especially since its original home Google+ shut down.

There are twenty or more adventures, mostly for zero or 1st level characters.  Some of them are for specialty variations of DCC, like Dark Trails (a version that aims at capturing the Weird West).  There are also the usual new patrons and new character classes. You can also find some cool tools, like an animal man generator, some non-lethal weapons, and a random chart for odd found items.  There’s a bunch of Mutant Crawl Classics stuff near the end.

As I say every time, you aren’t going to use everything.  But if you’re running some Dungeon Crawl Classics, you can find a lot of amazing ideas in this book.  It’s definitely worth it.  And heck, if you don’t mind reading it digitally, it’s free to download, so you really have nothing to lose.

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