Tabletop RPG Review: The BoL Hack

This one hurt a bit.  It was a disappointment, because it wasn’t what I expected or hoped for, however, it might be what you want.  I really dig Barbarians of Lemuria, and want to use it to run a Conan based game.  Everything about it seems to fit what I’m hoping to do.  I’ve even given thought recently to using it for a Lankhmar-set game.  So, when I read about The BoL Hack, I thought it was perfect.  I thought it was the system from Barbarians of Lemuria stripped of its setting.  However, I was mistaken.  This is an OSR take on the original Dungeons & Dragons, but with elements of Barbarians of Lemuria grafted on.

If you’re into the OSR movement or early D&D, this might be for you, especially if you’re planning to lean more toward the Swords & Sorcery side of things.  It brings in the careers that BoL used, puts the emphasis on non-magic characters, because magic is bad news in most traditional Swords & Sorcery stories.  

It’s a tight little book, and I think if this sort of thing is your bag, it would be a nice system to use.  Alas, I don’t think the OSR thing is for me.

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