Tabletop RPG Review: Flash Lingo 

It was very tempting to write this review in the “thieves cant” contained within.  However, I’m lazy, so that’s not happening.  If you’re running a game, especially one set in a standard, Northwestern European Fantasy setting like 99% of D&D or what have you, particularly one that might involve urban life and/or a thieves guild, this book should bring you plenty of enjoyment.  If you’re playing a thief character in such a setting, you should also enjoy this.

Flash Lingo is a dictionary of underworld language.  A lot of it is taken from real world “vulgar” language books, with a bit of Fantasy tweaking to fit in your standard RPG stuff.  Within, you’ll find that a “crusher” is a city guard, to “hug” is to choke, and “scran” is some food.  This could be very useful for adding a bit of color to your game, or for writing clues in a sort of code.

My only complaint is that the book only translates one way, which will make it a bit challenging to use.  All of the thieves cant words and phrases appear alphabetically, but there isn’t a second half of the book with English to thieves cant, like you typically find in dual language dictionaries.  That’s not a deal breaker, especially considering the book’s low price point, but it’s worth noting.

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