Tabletop RPG Review: DCC RPG Reference Sheets

This fan-made resource is pretty much a must-have for Dungeon Crawl Classics judges.  And honestly, if you’re a player who is likely to be involved in more than one DCC game, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a copy for yourself.  The thing that still makes me scratch my head at why I would possibly enjoy DCC as much as I do is its “more is more” philosophy.  It’s not a stripped down, rules light game.  This book of charts and tables assembled by Jeremy Deram is an extremely easy to use quick reference.

Need a specific critical hit table?  What about one for minor corruptions?  Maybe you need to know what action dice a Dwarf has at level 8.  It’s all here.  Fifty four pages of important, often frequently referenced material pulled out of the DCC basic book and put together in one slim volume.

I’ve already used it once since buying my copy and I know I’ll be using it again, frequently.  I’m thinking about getting an extra copy or two to have for players in the event that I ever run games face to face again.  I got mine from Lulu for well under $10.  It’s definitely worth it.

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