Book Review: The Mad God’s Amulet

I read this as part of volume 3 of the White Wolf Eternal Champion series, Hawkmoon.

The second book stays focused on the adventures of Dorian Hawkmoon, who, with his companions, goes through wild and over the top adventures.  There’s a lot about these novels that reminds me of classic movie serials.

This time, Hawkmoon spends much of the book trying to get home.  Yet everything seems set to delay him, from finding out his betrothed has been kidnapped, to the weird call of the mysterious Runestaff.  He meets some weird folk, too.  The semi-incorporeal citizens of an ancient city.  The Mad God.  More dealings with The Warrior in Jet and Gold, as well as the all sorts of shifty D’Averc.  

I mention the old movie serials, but I suppose the style is reminiscent of literary serials as well.  It’s episodic, with plenty of what would be cliffhanger moments, if it weren’t in novel form.  The stakes are frequently pushed to the extreme.  Deus ex machina moments abound.  It’s not high Literature, where you’re going to need to wear a tweed jacket with elbow patches to truly enjoy it.  But it’s a fun read.  And as with the first book, the ideas keep rolling.  Moorcock seems to have been an endless fount of imagination.

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