Book Review: The Sword of the Dawn

I read this as part of volume 3 of the White Wolf Eternal Champion series, Hawkmoon.

The third Hawkmoon novel picks up a little after the second left off.  If you haven’t read that one, obviously, don’t read this review.  Go read the first two books.  After the events of the previous book, Hawkmoon’s friends and allies have gone, along with the entirety of their home, Kamarg and Castle Brass have moved into some parallel world.  Yet the danger from Granbretan still casts a shadow.

After some set up, and a whole section where we shift perspective to the power players in Granbretan, Hawkmoon and his companion D’Averc go off on some dimension and nation hopping adventures.  These episodic adventures defy much greater logic, but as I’ve said before, play out in a classic movie serial sort of way.  Plenty of cliffhangers and twists of fate.

It reads well.  It moves at a solid clip.  It ain’t Shakespeare, but it’s a fun, over-the-top Sci-Fantasy adventure.  Things do get pretty gross in this one.

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