Lisbon, meu amor


In February of 2015, my amazing partner and I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal. It was my first trip to Europe, my first time off of the North American continent. What a first trip. Lisbon is an absolutely lovely city, filled with art and food and music and history. I wanted to share a few images from the trip.







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7 thoughts on “Lisbon, meu amor

  1. As you know, I LOVED Lisbon! Glad to see you got to the Bertrand Bookstore! It was exciting to visit the world’s oldest bookstore! And to think, that they’ve survived earthquakes, fires, and economic crisis! Amazing. Great pics!


  2. Lisbon was “just a port” on a trans-Atlantic cruise until we got there. What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be. We did a one day whirlwind tour and saw a lot to make a return trip attractive. Just that one day moved Lisbon from “unlisted” to #3 on my list of favorite European cities behind London and Florence. If the money tree would bloom I’d hurry back.

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