More of Beautiful Lisbon

I wanted to share a few more pictures from our trip to Lisbon in February of 2015.

Parque Eduardo VII. On the right, in the distance, The Hotel Florida, where we stayed.
Looking up at the Castelo dos Mouros as a fog rolls into Sintra.
Fog surrounds us at the Castelo dos Mouros.
Belem Tower. One of the only places we encountered long lines.
Padrao dos Descobrimentos, in Belem. An impressive monument to exploration.


Belem was probably the most ‘touristy’ place we visited. There were crowds at most locations and the panhandlers you expect to accompany crowds. I’m glad we went, and the local cafe we stopped at was nice. But I don’t know that I’d need to return.  Sintra, however, I could see spending a few days exploring. We only hit three of the major locations there, and I would love to return to both the Pena Palace and the Castelo dos Mouros (Castle of the Moors). Sintra itself seemed like a cool place. A mountain village of twisting roads and hidden treasures. I’d like to explore the town, too.

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