Book Review: The Madness of Cthulhu


Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi has assembled a heck of a collection of stories ostensibly inspired by At the Mountains of Madness, arguably H.P. Lovecraft’s best work.  It’s a bit of a stretch on some of the stories (one is clearly more connected to Pickman’s Model, for example).  He’s done a heck of a job of finding strong, contemporary entries into the Lovecraft Mythos canon.  Though, like most anthologies I’ve read, there are a couple dogs, this is a surprisingly consistently good set of tales.

A few stories are directly connected, either as sequels (Last Rites) or companion tales (The Dog Handler’s Tale) to At the Mountains of Madness. Others get into the weirdness and alienness of it all (Cantata).  Stories like Diana of the Hundred Breasts, The Warm, and Little Lady seem a bit out of place in this collection, but are very much worth reading.

This is definitely one of the better Lovecraft anthologies I’ve read.  It’s the first of two that Joshi is doing that are connected to At the Mountains of Madness.  I’m going to have to track down the second volume, for sure.  I strongly recommend checking this out.
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