Comic Review: The World Below

World Below

I’m a sucker for Pulp Adventure stories, and Paul Chadwick has created a cool one.  This felt like something from the era of Challengers of the Unknown or Magnus, Robot Fighter.  The Team of Six are some heroic but shady adventurers who are recruited by a tech mogul to search a strange underground world and retrieve whatever they can.

The stories feel like something out of the 60s or early 70s, and it definitely feels like something that should be turned into a TV series or a movie or something.  Each chapter pushes the Team deeper into the mysteries and horrors, as they try to figure out the hows and whys of the strange.  

Apparently, the comic never found an audience, and it was canceled after eight issues.  Chadwick was able to give the series an ending of sorts, though it was somewhat unsatisfying.  It put me in mind of the finale of Sapphire & Steel.  An downbeat ending, with the unlikely possibility of picking things up.  Other than the disappointing ending (still better than a lack of an ending), my only complaint about this volume is that it’s in black & white, and I think it’s pretty clear this comic should be seen in color.  

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