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Conquest Cover

I’ve written about Conquest of the Sphere on here a few times.  There was my very ‘rambling introduction,’ or the time I talked about how “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and the train wreck “Red Sonja” inspired me, and some information about peoples and places.  It’s a setting I’ve been developing for many, many years.  It’s been brewing in my head, in vague hints and notes, and a lot of discussion.  Until now, it hasn’t lived much on the printed page, where anyone outside of my small circle of friends might look at it.  While I’m still at work on a novel, I have collected four short stories and released them as an e-book on Amazon.

These stories are glimpses into the setting.  Three of them follow a character who has been with me almost as long as the setting, Baal.  She’s been my eyes when I’ve looked around inside the world of Conquest of the Sphere.  She’s not the only cool person I’ve met along the way.  I can’t wait to introduce readers to dashing ship’s captain Amiril, loyal friend Chogragh, or aged spymistress Nube.  For now, however, you can take a look at some of the earlier days of Baal’s adventures.  I’ve written a lot of stories that I care about and am proud of, but when it comes to Conquest of the Sphere, it’s something else.  I’ve lived so long with this world and its people that letting it out is kind of scary.  I think it’s awesome, but will anyone else?  Will others get where I’m going with it?  Will they care?  Are my characters interesting enough to draw readers in?  

There’s a lot to see in Conquest of the Sphere, more than I’ll ever be able to write about.  So, I’m also creating a tabletop role-playing game to go along with the fiction.  I hope others will enjoy exploring on their own, one day.  I want to give people a wide open setting that isn’t just Medieval Europe with the serial numbers filed off, where actions have consequences, characters forge their own paths.  That’s a lot of what I’m doing over on my Patreon page.  Thanks to my patrons there, I’ve been able to recruit a professional graphic designer who’s going to create a logo/title I’ll be able to use on anything Conquest of the Sphere that comes along.

As I dive back into the novel, I’m sure I’ll discover many new characters, creatures, locations, and more.  I hope readers will enjoy taking that journey with me.  

If you’ve liked anything on this blog, please check out Conquest of the Sphere: Four Tales, and please rate & review it wherever you so such things (on Amazon would be a help, or Goodreads, but anywhere else would be nice).  If you enjoy it, please tell people about it.  For independent authors like myself, reviews and recommendations are what it’s all about.


Check out my Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads.  And take a look at my Patreon page, where I’m working on a novel and developing a tabletop RPG setting. You can also read my fiction over on Amazon.

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